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Nova Scotia Residential Real Estate Listings:

Lot 1 Brookside Drive Wilmot

$29,900 For Sale

134 Brookside Drive Kingston

$224,900 For Sale

36 Kalley Lane Kingston

$359,900 For Sale

68 Connaught Ave Middleton

$199,900 For Sale

643 Aldred Dive Greenwood

$109,950 For Sale

1630 Maple Avenue Kingston

$341,900 For Sale

25 Maggie Drive Greenwood

$332,900 For Sale

Lot 38 Laurel Street Kingston

$59,900 For Sale

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Nova Scotia Commercial Real Estate Listings:

Lots Highway 201 South Greenwood

$72,900 For Sale

573 Main Street Kingston

$2,300 Month

Lot 98BD Highway 10 Nictaux

$39,900 For Sale

Lot 21 Augsburger Street Victoria Harbour

$39,900 For Sale

Lot B Highway 201 South Farmington

$39,900 For Sale

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